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Florida Infrastructure is a site work subcontractor that has been working with Elkins Constructors, Inc. for the past fourteen years.  Project management and field personnel have performed numerous projects for our firm with scopes from incidental demolition to complete site development. The projects have ranged from $185,000 to as high as $6,500,000. I personally have worked with them on numerous projects and management has always made sure that the projects were completed as efficiently as possible and schedule has always been his top priority. They are currently completing a project for us with the St. Johns County School District. I highly recommend them and plan to continue working with them on future projects. 

- A.Y Harrison Senior Project ManagerElkins, Constructors, Inc.

Florida Infrastructure, Inc. has worked as an underground utility and site subcontractor for Allstate construction. They have successfully completed installation of water mains and fire line mains including clearing, excavation, pipe installation, back-filling, compaction hydrant installation, backflow preventer installation of traffic control, and coordination of installed piping. All of the water mains and associated equipment passed inspections on the first inspection, pressure and flow test, and BT testing. Florida Infrastructure met or exceeded the construction duration on the project schedule for their scope of work and I highly recommend them. 

Allstate construction has no reservations for using Florida Infrastructure, Inc. on future projects, and has added them to our subcontractor bidder list for site and utility work. 

- Bill Weldon, President 
Allstate Construction

The project offered many opportunities to overcome challenges that were beyond Florida Infrastructure's control and you hung in there with us to quickly and amicably resolve all of the issues to everyone's satisfaction. (Owner, GC, Inspectors, etc.) Considering no project ever goes exactly as planned or expected, it is the ability of a subcontractor to handle these issues and diversity in a manner that is beneficial to the overall success of the project. That characteristic, among others, is what sets Florida Infrastructure, Inc. above most site work subcontractors. 

We look forward to future successful projects with the Florida Infrastructure team. Please feel free to have potential clients contact me with any additional questions or concerns. 



- Jeffrey B Powers

Senior Project Manager


Turner Construction Company contracted with Florida Infrastructure in May 2009 for the Courthouse, a $224 million, 800,000 square foot project, for site work, site clearing and site utilities. Their scope required intensive organization for the coordination of the extensive site utility work as well as the incorporation of multiple owner requested changes. 

Turner was very pleased with their coordination and organization efforts as well as their sensitivity to active library space beyond. Project management and field personnel have proven their dedication to customer satisfaction and did everything within their power to successfully deliver the final project.  We commend their efforts, professionalism and commitment. 

- Margaret M Simone 
Sr. Project Manager


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